Hong Mai Kitchen


My family, is one of the families with a tradition of culinary culture, passed down from my great-grandmother’s time (princess in the family at the royal court of Nguyen Dynasty, Hue) and with a dream of burning desire, I have pursued my passion through the flow of time and tried to promote constantly to refresh and raise the dishes but not losing its cultural value and origin. The value of Hue’s traditional dishes has followed me since I was young .. so I would like to introduce you to a better understanding of the people and culture of the land where I live (Hue Ancient Capital, Cultural Heritage of Humanity).
Through Culinary Culture from my hometown where I was born and raised to act as a bridge between people and people, between people and nature to connect friendship, is a place of love, a place where you and I can get closer … I wish: “You are me and I am you”.
I … You and everyone would like to make good dish for your colleagues, your loved ones and your family… However how to prepare a delicious dish that is nutritious, strange and delicate … and can tell stories that it has attached to the dish of the land where you have discovered and experienced it’s in your travel itinerary.
Come to me. I am not a teacher who teaches you, but I am the one who will share the experience of traditional Hue dishes and you are the artist who makes many dishes by your own hands.
Culinary Culture is a bridge to make you feel to be sublimation, to be refreshing, to be fresh and full of life … Do you believe it ???
I don’t need you to give me a score of 10, what I need is your satisfaction

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